Last Bastion is set to be released in the Q4 2020!


Last Bastion

Shooter / Defense with RPG Elements

Defeat the armies of Demon Iacobus with your rapid firing ballista and protect the Last Bastion!


Original 100 Balls


Fill the passing cups, unlock all the colors, beat everyone's highscore!


Switched from Wordpress to a completely hand written website that is designed to be static, tiny, fast and responsive.


There is something magical about having a thought, a vision and knowing that if you walk towards it one step at a time every single day, you can manifest it. What was just a simple fleeting momentary image in your ever on the move mind becomes a physical experience you can share.

I, Sarper Soher concentrated my efforts in making that my life's work in the first quarter of 2014 under the name Accidental Empire.

This is a passion project being worked on starting from the early childhood. A time when making a living out of making video games was inconceivable and irrelevant. Hence the name Accidental Empire.


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