Last Bastion is set to be released in Q3 2021!


Last Bastion

Shooter / Defense with RPG Elements

Defeat the armies of Demon Iacobus with your rapid firing ballista and protect the Last Bastion!


100 Balls


Fill the passing cups, unlock all the colors, beat everyone's highscore!


Switched from Wordpress to a completely hand written website that is designed to be static, tiny, fast and responsive.


Video games are conceived from a fleeting thought, a sudden glimpse of a vision with an unknown origin. It's magical how one can, after putting in thousands of hours of work, turn these thoughts and visions into a physical experience that can be shared.

Accidental Empire is a one person passion project Sarper Soher has been working on since early 2014. An effort to materialize such visions and share them with the world.